Securing Funding & Financial Resources

A critical element in the success of future research projects in the Ag tech/Bio tech sector is the access to funds for the cost of ongoing research. At time there is a disconnect between what the general public finds valuable to explore and what the corporate of large institution and governmental agencies want.

Unfortunately these discrepancies can create unnecessary delays that prolong results or even incentives researchers to submit data sets that are more favourable to the entities that have provided the funding. Obviously unfettered funding sources will generate more timely results and incentivizes researchers to give the truest data sets.

This is why the introduction of crypto-currencies is adding a new value to all different types of research. The general population is now empowered to give small donations or investments that can be forwarded and received at little cost to either sender of receiver, and to do so from anywhere in the world.

Bitcoin and other Alternative virtual currencies give a new power to crowd funding that undoes the red tape and bureaucracy sometime attached to important projects.