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GM foods are the most extensively tested food ever. The testing required of GM foods involves a very detailed and thorough safety assessment utilising methods never historically used on conventional foods, as well as new techniques developed during the process of genetically modifying plants. The extensive testing required addresses both short term and long term food safety concerns and provides equal or greater assurance of the safety of foods from genetically modified crops, as compared to foods from conventional crops.

There are no documented cases of GM being unsafe, despite hundreds of millions of people consuming GM foods for the past decade, and several generations of agricultural animals being bred and reared on it. To the contrary, in some cases food from GM plant appears to be superior in health terms.

A review of 81 EU funded projects- over 15 years -by over 400 research teams has found no safety issues. Seven years of consumption by hundreds of millions of people as well as extensive safety testing and animal feeding experiments and experience has proved the safety of these products.

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