Food and funding are almost indivisible. Food is the number one commodity purchased world wide and for obvious reasons. Yet even with todays technological advancements there are still tens of thousands of people that suffer from malnourishment or outright starvation due to a lack of resources. Lack of access to adequate supplies… seeds, farming equipment, irrigation capacity are all systems of financial disparity that are common place in our current centralized banking sector.

If you are an unbanked farmer… the World Bank estimates that as many as 4 Billion people are unbanked (meaning no access to a bank account or institution) or underbanked (meaning banking is available on a small scale local level. **Note** often provided by institutions that are indistinguishable from the mafia) then how can you gain access to the items needed for food production?

This is, in reality, one of the biggest hurdles. It is not that we do not have the technology to make this happen, the solutions are with us, only the paradigm of thought needs to be revisited.

Again, in this matter we are encouraged by the crowd funding approach that can be facilitated by new developments like Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. This new financial model will allow the people in poorer nations to become their own bank and gain access to the e-commerce transpiring on the world wide scene.

The ability for the poor people in many parts of the world to access resources without the intervention of beuracracy of corrupted institutions is a revolutionary change in access to food, tools, medical supplies and otherwise.