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Favorite Places To Visit In Europe

Europe is an incredible place to visit. There are so many amazing sights and things to experience and enjoy. The following are some of our favorite places to visit in Europe.

London, England

London has undergone many changes recently, however, the city’s iconic pub culture, red phone booths, double-decker buses, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and much more remain unchanged. Be sure to plan ahead so that you don’t miss any of the most famous and inspiring sights to see in one of Europe’s top destination cities.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburg is one of Western Europe’s most unique capital cities. Here you can find a “New Town” dating from the 1800s, a majestic castle, extinct volcano and medieval Old Town all in one location. Make sure to visit the recently renovated National Museum of Scotland and check out the city’s burgeoning independent brewing scene.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world. It is very scenic, and the economic, media, political and cultural center of Sweden. Take a walk down the city’s cobblestone streets and be sure to check out the colorful waterfront. The medieval center is where visitors spend most of their time, but Stockholm is actually comprised of 14 islands that are part of an archipelago, so it is an ideal place to island hop.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen features dedicated cycle- and pedestrian-friendly zones, some of the best restaurants in the world and a thriving beer culture, that all help to make Copenhagen a favorite place to visit.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Windmills, the canals, cycling and Van Gogh are all part of the storied history and charm of Amsterdam. However, there is much more to this Dutch capital, including saltwater pods, fine restaurants and much more.

Lucerne, Switzerland

The city’s colorful Old Town, turreted buildings and covered bridges make Lucerne the perfect Swiss storybook. The city is located next to Lake Lucerne and is also one of the popular departure spots to the Swiss Alps, which you can see from the town.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the capital city of Austria and is loaded with culture. It has a storied history that has been shaped by its intellectual, artistic and musical foundations. Make sure to visit Schönbrunn, which is the former summer residence of the Habsburgs and be sure to partake in the many culinary specialties of the city.

Munich, Germany

Best known for Oktoberfest, this Bavarian metropolis also features a very walkable historic center and is well known for its budding art scene, fine dining, and palatial parks.

Bruges, Belgium

The city of Bruges is characterized by canals and cobblestone streets. This immaculately preserved city was built in the 12th to 15th centuries. So, visiting is like being inside of a medieval fairy tale.

Budapest, Hungary

The scenic city of Budapest features some of the finest Art Noveau architecture. The spa culture of this capital city can be explored by visiting thermal baths that were built during the 16th and 17th centuries. There are beautiful views of the Danube River and plenty of world-class cuisines to enjoy.

Paris, France

Paris is one of the most beautiful and culturally sophisticated cities in the world. There is no shortage of famous sites to visit, but these are some of the most renowned: the Seine, Saint-Germain, Centre Pompidou, Musee Rodin, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre. Stroll through the elegant Luxembourg Gardens and partake in some of the world’s best food.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has been one of Europe’s most underrated cities for a very long time. However, that may be changing. Over the next few years, Portugal will be welcoming a major architecture, art, and technology museum, high-rises, dozes of landscaped and restored public squares, and countless new cultural spaces, studios and shops.

Florence, Italy

When it comes to architecture, art, and history, Florence has no rival. It is also one of the most beautiful cities in the world and features amazing cuisine. It is well-known as the birthplace of the Renaissance and has also received a modern makeover in recent years.

Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the oldest and most impressive cities in Europe and the world. Visits to the Colosseum and the Pantheon are an absolute must.

Barcelona, Spain

This city has it all – historic to contemporary, beach to mountains and plenty of sunshine. Check out the El Born Centre Cultural for your fix of Catalan history, or check out the trendy, artsy El Raval district by going on a street art four. There is also plenty of fine dining in this beautiful cosmopolitan city.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a magical city that is best enjoyed on foot. Stroll the street, visit the museums, enjoy a drink at one of the many historic bars. Check out the market culture at Mercado de San Fernando or Mercado San Anton.