French farmers protest against GMO maize destruction

Some 300 French farmers have demonstrated near the city of Toulouse in defence of a colleague, whose small scale crop of genetically-modified maize was destroyed by anti-GM protestors recently.  This year sees large scale commercial cultivation of genetic crops for the first time in France.

The protest was led by the President of the French Association of Maize Growers (AGPM), Christophe Terrain, who said: It is farmers incomes that are being attacked. Anti-GM protestors are giving themselves the right to decide the life or death of French farms. Support for farmers growing GM crops also came from the French government with Agriculture Minister, Dominique Bussereau condemning the destruction as acts of vandalism. This year some 5000 hectares of French farm land will be used to grow GM crops, up from just under 500 hectares in 2005.

Coexistence is a success in Spain

An extensive number of hectares of genetically modified (GM) crops have been grown in Spain in coexistence with conventional and organic types of cultivation. The Spanish Fundacion ANTAMA put together evidence related to the coexistence of the different types of cultures since GM crops were first introduced in Spain, in 1998. The evidence shows that co-existence of GM and non-GM maize is a success in Spain. A flexible, farm-level system and seed company stewardship assure accurate traceability and labelling of GM products.

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Coexistence is a success in Spain